I know, I know! Although I find the man vs Wild a bit tongue in cheek to say the least. I am also not a great fan of having 'Bear Grylls' logo on my pants.
However, I have used Graghoppers stuff for quite a while and bought some of the 'Bear Grylls Survivor Trousers' about 6 or so months ago.
I have used them for every hunt and hike I have been on in Kodiak. They are probably the best lightweight outdoor pants I have owned. The are very windproof, great water repellancy (for a light pant) loads of storage, outstanding articulation panels and have proved surprisingly hard wearing. Through the Kodiak Grass and Alders from Spring through to now and no snagging or tearing at all. Even now (cold wet and windy) I wear them with just a thermal layer under and just throw a hardshell over if it really poors. They also dry almost instantly.
Anyways, they are now 25% off ($67.50) and are just great outdoor/lightweight hunting pants if anyone is interested.