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Thread: XC trails in Anchorage: Groomers and lit

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    Default XC trails in Anchorage: Groomers and lit

    Who pays for the grooming, trail work, and lights?

    I don't see any donation boxes anywhere.
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    You can buy trail pins that help pay for the grooming. I don't know the details offhand, though I'm sure a few of our members do.

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    The Nordic Ski Association of Anchorage (NSAA) handles most of the trail grooming in Anchorage and some of the others nearby trails. The municipality does some grooming of some the bike trails around town as well.

    The web address for NSAA is

    All of the grooming and trail work is funded by donations. The most common way is the buy a "trail pin" for whatever donation level you feel is appropriate. It's really an amazing program when you think of the extent of the work they perform based completely on donations. They are a non-profit, so any donation is even tax deductible.

    I've skied at a lot of places around the country, and just about all of them required at least the purchase of a day pass for $5 or more and they don't have nearly the trail systems that we do. Here, it is totally voluntary and actually succeeds.


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