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    Default Draw Hunt Change Tool

    I applied for my draw tags yesterday and went back and forth on the order I wanted my caribou tags to be in. After having applied and then slept on it, I decided I wanted to change the order. This year, Fish and Game has a system that allows you to go in and make changes to your drawing application if you apply online. Vince pointed that out on here a few weeks ago. Easy enough I figured. When I went in today, it says my application was not found. I figured there must be a lag time of some sort, but couldn't find anything online about it. Called F&G who informed me that there is indeed a lag time that could be about 3 days. So by the end of the week or early next week, I should be able to swap my order.

    Just thought folks might want to know this. If you apply right up to December 31 or a day or two before, and then think you are going to be able to swap hunts or make changes, it likely won't happen.
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    I ran into this last week. When I talked to the office in Palmer they told me there were some problems they were working on. It took 5 days before I was able to change anything. Good luck.


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