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Thread: Where to hunt Hare near(ish) to Fairbanks?

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    Default Where to hunt Hare near(ish) to Fairbanks?

    I was thinking about going out for a Hare hunt. I vividly remember grandma cooking some up and I want my younger cousins experience that cherished memory I have.

    Also I need some advice on what weapon to use. I don't want to be out there with my .308

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    shotgun or a .22 hare seems to be on a down cycle this year so good luck just get out in the woods find tracks and hunt the surrounding areas.

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    the general consensus among hunters I know is that rabbits are crashing pretty hard right now, a few months ago they were still in good numbers, but they are dropping fast. even down around donnelly dome they are getting thin. but they are still to be had if you are willing to walk. I have been seeing a few still around the flood control area and the tanana.
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