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Thread: Pet 25-20 loads

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    I SHOULD be getting a set of dies one of these days for my 25-20. I have brass and and some 73 and 85 grain hard cast bullets/w gas checks. I'm needing a good squirrel load.......I appoligize as I think BrownBear already gave me a good load but I must have erased the message before I wrote it down. So I'm opening it up to everybody who shoots this round to share your loads.

    Thanks EKC

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    One of my favorite loads uses the 73gr and 9.5grs of 2400 for about 1950fps. If your looking for a light load, I use 4.5grs of Win 231 with the 73gr for around 1300fps. The 25/20 is one of my favorite small game rounds.

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    I was recommending 5 grains of Unique with the Speer 75 grain FP, EKC. It's a good load with the 86-90 grain cast or jacketed, but I haven't tried it with lighter cast. That's a small game load churning 1350 or so w/ the 75 and less with the heavier.

    I'm up to my neck in a work project right now and don't have time to dig in the library. But a few years back (about when the 94/25-20 appeared) someone did an extensive article on it- not Ken Waters but equally comprehensive. That's where I tuned into Unique for small game loads. I'm wanting to say the article was in Rifle or Handloader, but won't be able to confirm till this evening at the earliest. If you have a good spread of back issues, it's worth the search.

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    Thanks rbuck351 & BB, I wrote those loads down in the back of my manual where they won't be lost. I have ample Unique and 231 for lots of playing around.

    Iffen my dies don't show up today someone is getting a phone call. It doesn't take a week to get dies from Missouri to Iowa.


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