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Thread: 8x56R load data wanted

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    Default 8x56R load data wanted

    I'd sure like to hear what your pet load is. There is a lack of data out there except for Lee's and it doesnt list the 205 grain .330 Hornady bullet that is available. The nazi surplus ammo sure kicks more, is louder, and a fireball compared to the loaded Hornady stuff.
    If you have a manual with 205 grain and IMR powders I really like to know.


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    The "Handloaders Manual of Cartridge Conversions" has data on page 880, as follows:
    Bullet wt: 205gr
    Powder weight:45.0
    They list the source of the data as "Barnes". They are using converted 7.62x54R brass. Bunch of work to do that. Probably start at 40.0 gr and see how that works. Hope this helps!
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