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Thread: Ft Rich any bull hunt

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    Default Ft Rich any bull hunt

    I haven't seen much on this hunt. It's over now, your clothes should be dry and put away. So come on with the pictures and stories.

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    My wife drew this permit. We hunted 9 days (lots of distractions), saw only 2 moose while hunting. One was a good bull in the thick stuff, no shot opportunity, other was a moose a couple miles away up the hill. Pretty dismal. Didn't hear much good from the biologist or the conservation officers. Spoke to the latter a couple weekends ago, they indicated there had only been 11 or 12 kills from archery/muzzleloader combined, and 3 of those were illegal. My guess is the animals were able to stay high and basically inaccessible for most of the season due to late termination dust. I think wolf activity also probably had some impact.

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    Someone decided to fill his any bull tag with a cow.

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    Hey Yogi!

    I put in a lot of hunts all over the base during the season, 20-30 ish. I was trying hard to pull your trick from last year. Came real close last week, but couldn't close the deal. Area closures were the biggest handycap for me. No complaints, closures were for trainng. I did see tons of wolf tracks, especially on main post side. Some of those tracks had wolves standing in them. The offical wolf count is WAY low IMHO. Last I heard the muzzleloaders and Elmendorf bow hunters did well. Not so many closures in thier areas this year. I only have heard of 3 or so Ft Rich bow kills, but no updates in a while.

    Still, pretty nice to be able to head out for a quick hunt on any given day and there is some nice terrain out there. Gettum next time.



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