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Thread: Redding Trim Die question

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    Default Redding Trim Die question

    No instructions came with the Redding trim die how do I use it? I Bought this just to trim case length. Totally lost w/ this.

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    If they are the same as other trim dies you simply place a sized case lubed, in the shell holder and raise ram to the top with the press with the trim die screwed into the top of the press. Use a case that is a little long and you simply take a file a file and remove a little of the case and measure the length, adjust the die down until you have reached the desired length. Once the case is the proper lenght tighten the lock ring down on the loading press and tighten the retention screw. Now when you want trim cases simply screw the trim die into the press and you can instantly measure the lenght of each case and trim if any are above the top of your die. Hope this helped.

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    I'll add to the post above, you need an extended shellholder in some cases also.
    I have a redding trim die and if I remember right it wouldn't work in my RCBS press.
    Mine is for 454 casull and the threads are to short for the RCBS. It does work in my redding press.
    Picture of trim die setup in this thread
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