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Thread: Any air gun Enthusiasts?

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    Default Any air gun Enthusiasts?

    I bought a PCP (pre charged pnuematic) air rifle that requires up to 2900# of air. It came with a high pressure hand pump but I am looking for an easier method of charging the gun. They sell a compressor for around $3,000. It is the same compressor they use for scuba tanks. Does anyone know of a Wasilla sorce for filling scuba tanks? This Benjamin Maruder has a 10 round mag and is very quiet and accurate.

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    if you go with your own 80.cuft air tank you could get filled at the local fire station or paintball shop ..make sure the tank is marked not for personal use on it and they might refill it for you for a small fee ..most drive shops will fill up the tank for a small fee..most times it is $.5.oo dollars for a refill ..

    most air rifles run at a the 200.or 300.psi mark ..i run my walther lg 300.xt runs at 200 mark and i get about 550 shots before i need to refill the cylinder from the larger air tank set up ..i get about 20 or more refills from a large air tank before i need to get the tank refilled at the 200 psi mark to fill the air rifle cylinder..

    when filling the air rifle up do this ..cut two piece of the small dia type pvc pips and strap them to the air tank with nylon webbing so this way the when filling up the tank does not roll around on the table ..i try and find the picture i have somewhere on the harddive about the showing the tank system work ..


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