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Thread: New "Savage Edge" rifle

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    Default New "Savage Edge" rifle

    Thought I would share a little info on a new rifle I ordered in for my Bro-in-Law.
    He wanted a "budget" gun for knocking around and so we got the new Edge in .270.

    Here's my take.
    Looks pretty good in camo, scope is a 3x9x40 bushnell, comes up and fit is OK, except for one big issue! The top of the butt-stock bites into my hand at the base of my thumb. Upon close examination it was clear the pistol grip area was WAY too small in diameter for average or larger hands. May fit a small set of hands OK but I think this puppy would punish you otherwise. I noticed I canted the rifle trying to adjust for this - not good....
    The action is OK, I would not call it smooth - but functions. The trigger was a bit stiff but did break cleanly at 4 plus lbs.
    Anyway, for a $300.00 outfit I am sure it would bring home the bacon in the right hands - not mine however!....
    May make an OK youth gun?
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    I thought about getting one in 30-06 to use as a range gun testing handloads. It looks like they're kinda discontinuing the Edge rifle or at least calling it AXIS now. I thought it'd be a descent range gun for $300, but for the same price (w/out a scope) I've seen nicer, used Savage '06s & Rem 760s at GNG & Gun Traders.



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