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    Default Tustemena Lake

    I hope I got the spelling right! I flew over the lake a number of year ago with a friend in his Super Cub, and my brother just back from snowmachining there a few weeks ago; I was curious what the fishing is like there? We've got a 16' jon boat for the Kenai, and was thinking of spending the day out there; can anyone recommend spots on the lake and techniques for whatever fish might be there; probably would try mid-late July,

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    Default Carefull

    Don't know if thats late enough for Silvers in the creeks, but be careful on the big T as afternoon winds can turn this lake into an ocean with 6' waves and curling tops, with not too many places to hole up.
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    Default Do not go on the lake

    I have spent lots of time on this lake and it is not where you want to be in a 16 ft. jon boat. I have seen the lake go to 6 foot waves less than 15 min. The winds come of the glaciers and there is no where to hide. Also, offshore of the island there are some rocks that come right to the surface - you think you are offshore and safe when you are not.

    The large glacial lakes of the Kenai and Kasilof are not places for a 16 foot jon boat-sorry but it is better to be safe.

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    Default Stay by the mouth

    The river is plenty wide and though I've not done particularly well there, I've seen people pull some decent lakers and dollies out of there. You can go out on the lake within sight of the mouth and you'll be fine. But these two guys are right. That lake has a nasty reputation for becoming a roller coaster in short order. I have seen a lot of small craft navigating it, even ski boats, but you'll also find some 20-26 footers tied up by the launch. People seem to feel better about having good sea worthy boats out on that water. There are really very few places to get out of the wind when it comes down. Skilak isn't that much better.

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    good advice so far concerning the safety factor. It has been a couple of years, but i use to do well anchoring at the river outlet and sitting on eggs and small spin and glows for dollies. look at the regs first though. personally... i know the peninsula can get crowded, but there are dozens of places to go that are far better during that time of year.


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