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Thread: VV N110 Starting Load? 360 gr. Cast Performance .454 Casull

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    Default VV N110 Starting Load? 360 gr. Cast Performance .454 Casull

    Anyone have a good starting point for this bullet with N110? Info is hard to come by for this Finnish powder...
    Murphy has cited 25-26 grs. for the Beartooth 340 grain. A 6% decrease for 360 gr. would be a very stout place to start (like 23.5). I'm thinking somewhere in the neighborhood of 18 gr (not a ball powder so it can be reduced).
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    Looking at the burn rate charts, VV110 is a little faster than H110 and Lil Gun, I'd start at 21-22 grain. That would put you in the lower end of the H110/LilGun range. My VihtaVouri book only goes to 300gr bullets.
    I use IMR 4227 most of the time in 454 Casull.
    I've been loading 355 BTB. I tried H110 yesterday, started at 22.5gr the minimum was listed at 21gr. max 24gr.
    stuck a bullet in the bore @ 22.5gr. Went home and pulled the rest of the bullets. It was 20 out.
    I'll be interested in your results with VV110.
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    I don’t have anything for the 360 grain HC but here are a few HC loads I’ve used with the 454 using 460S&W brass trimmed down to 454 specs & the WLP primer.

    300 Grain – 17.0 grains N110 gets you 1,007fps from a 6” barrel.
    300 grain – 29.0 grains Lil’Gun gets you 1,505fps from a 6” barrel.
    335 Grain – 26.0 grains N110 gets you 1,482fps from a 6” barrel.
    340 grain – 23.0 grains N110 gets you 1,364fps from a 6” barrel.
    340 grain – 10.0 grains HS-6 gets you 825fps from a 6” barrel.


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