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Thread: how to disassemble 300 weatherby bolt

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    Default how to disassemble 300 weatherby bolt

    I have a 300 wby mag, am trying to take apart the bolt for cleaning. not having much luck. can any one help?

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    I bet if you called Weatherby they'd tell you exactly how to do it.
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    Pull the striker back slightly and rotate it to hook on the bolt shroud. It has a ledge cut in the cocking piece to serve this function. Push in the shroud latch plunger to release the shroud to unscrew. Then while holding the bolt level, unscrew the bolt off the firing pin assembly. Be aware there is a ball bearing at 12 o'clock in the firing pin assembly. As you unscrew the bolt off the FP this will fall out unless you hold the FP assembly right side up. That should do it.
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