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Thread: Kenai- Little Susitna river boat ?

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    Default Kenai- Little Susitna river boat ?

    I,m trying to figure out which boat and motor to buy for these two rivers. Kenai will have to be a 50 hp powerhead and I want a tiller electric start for trolling either a Honda or Yamaha?Also would like to have a jet for the little sue. this would be a simple boat for fishing Lowe 1652 Olympic Jon 360 lbs. hull weight 1216 capacity or a Lowe 1648 mt big john 275 lbs. hull weight 973 lbs. capacity riveted boat. Would like to have two oars on board for drift fishing and in case I lose power. I could buy a Honda 50 jet with electric tiller and not have to change back and forth between prop and jet or a Yamaha 50 prop with electric tiller and change to prop for the Kenai and jet for the Sue. I,m not sure how good a jet will be for trolling for king fishing?The other problems I face is weight for good acceptable performance and to get clean water to the jet foot with a flat bottom (no dead rise). I have considered a CMC manuel lift but it has a 5.5 inch set back which I,m not crazy for with the jet.So thats my questions and I would really appreciate any thoughts or ideas on which boat and motor. Thanks

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    The boat and motor combo you mention would work on both rivers. I haven't backtrolled for kings on the Kenai much, but have backtrolled lots on other rivers. A prop will be much easier for trolling with in my personal opinion. Have used both and hands down prefer a prop. I haven't used a Honda before, but have used Yamahas for years for work and play and have had very few if any problems with them. Between the two sizes of boats, go for the wider one. That will allow you to haul an extra ~250 lbs. With a 50 hp prop on one of those it will flat out fly!!! Even with 4 people on board. With a jet drive, it will still go plenty fast and have the power to hop up on plane. I haven't had any problems with just bolting a jet drive and hiting the river and don't think you will need a lift. Use a shim on top of the transon to properly line up the foot with the bottom of the boat (last time I think it was about 1.5" thick). Hope some of this helps, feel free to ask if I confused you and I'll try to clarify.

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    Default Yamaha T-50,

    have two of these on my boat. high thrust model has a bigger prop, little more money but well worth it. I think the e-tecs have same size prop? but not sure which motor i saw at the boat show. 50 hondas have small props. think the regular honda and regular yamaha 50's are 10 +'' and the T-50 is 13 5/8'. that is what i recommend. can't go wrong. strong motor and with the right prop it will fly. after your break in period it just gets faster. after my first season with motors i was able to go up two inches in pitch the next season. if you buy one i have some props you try. like the other guy said. go with the wider boat. can't have enough room. and once on step should handle better and handle a larger load.


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