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Thread: Inflatable canoe for an outrigger?

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    Question Inflatable canoe for an outrigger?

    My Scott is plenty stable under most all conditions, but I'm considering dipnetting from it this year, with kids aboard. Which makes me thing of how to make SURE I won't tip if we run into a King.

    My canoe expert buddy has suggested I consider getting an inflatable canoe and mounting it via an outrigger system. It would have the added benefit of allowing me to ditch the big Scott and hike upstream on some real skinny water with the canoe on my back, to access more than I can with the Scott alone (even including the lift we're building for it this winter).

    Has anyone ever seen an inflatable canoe used as an outrigger?

    Any suggestions on brand/model?
    - I would discard the Coleman Exponent since it isn't self bailing - that doesn't seem smart.
    - Maybe an Aire Tributary or Lynx?
    - SeaEagle 385?
    - NRS Bandit?

    Would it skew the steering really badly? Or maybe I compensate for that with an extra net on the opposing side to balance?

    I'm open to ideas on this one. Got any?

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    Bad idea!!! problems associated with surface tension and drag... not to mention +/- buoyancy.

    Single tube, light, short, simple... won't get ya into trouble.

    Or... airbag the inside of your canoe!!!

    Or... paddle floats... like self rescue gear for sea-kayaking.

    Much of this can be made makeshift.

    Make all options.

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    I'm going to use a small inflatable canoe as an outrigger this coming summer. I'm going to keep the gas tanks in it for positive ballast. I'm going to give it a try for dip netting season as I've already gone all over the lower Kenai (around huge boats) during dip netting season. I'm going to try it again, but with an inflatable for ballast to aid in standing. If it works out well, off to Whittier for a few runs around the bays. I'll let yah know how it works out.

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    Default Inflatable canoe outrigger

    Sounds like a good idea if you mount it right.
    I would use a SOAR inflatable. Flat bottom won't effct your steering,heavy duty, multifunction. But spendy. I made a cataract out of two of them
    using a 2x4 frame, put a 25 hp jet on it and cruised around. They were rigid enough to plane. Lots of people have lashed various configurations of two canoes together and motored them.

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    I put this together or I should say that Tracey put it together for me. The motor weighs 28 lbs and worked like a charm. It was quit stable and I never felt like we would tip but you could tell if you leaned over on that side. I just tried to but gear as a ballast on the other side. We scooted around the lake with 2 of us at about 7 mph.


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