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Thread: Bird dog trainer?

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    Default Bird dog trainer?

    I have a 2 yr old black male that has some hunting exposure. He's still pretty uneducated due to my own fault I'm sure. Just need a few problems fixed. I would train on my own but during the summer months I work 14hrs. Come fall my schedule slows down and I'd like to go bust birds. I want his problems fixed by then. I'd ship to a trainer in the lower 48 but I'd like to see my dogs progress. Just can't do that when the dog is down there and I can't afford to travel that much.
    I was told about Greatland kennels but I can't seem to have luck reaching them. I was told they are not doing it anymore.
    Another friend of mine told me that there was another in the valley but he didn't know the name.
    Any ideas appreciated.

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    Skyguy...the trainer that we send our dog to during the winter months came up here (North Pole) to train last summer and will be coming up again this summer.
    This is his website.
    I highly recommend him. He is a good guy and good with the dogs.
    Last Frontier Labradors

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    Default trainer

    I posted a note on the Hunting page, check it out and PM me if you have more questions.
    I do not know trainers in this area but might be able to talk around.

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    I'd recommend Baron Rea (907) 357-LABS. Baron is an outstanding trainer, works out of the valley, and has a great way with dogs. Baron runs the Labrador University. Check him out at

    You should consider checking out Midnight Sun Gun Dog Association.

    They're calendar of events is posted at and a great group to train and test dogs with.


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