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Thread: spray rails on Hudson Bay Freighter

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    Default spray rails on Hudson Bay Freighter

    Hey folks.
    Just FYI- I bought some solid pvc trim at lowes (pretty cheap) and made some spray rails out of them. They are solid and flexible peices and they bent around my canoe very nicely. I pieced 2 of them together with a short lap and created a nice spray rail the same length as the standard ones. I sanded them a bit with a sander to round and smooth them and painted them green like my canoe. I bolted them on every foot with stainless steel 1/4 bolts. They look pretty professional.

    They worked remarkably well. Even taking direct swells from oncoming boats, the spray rails deflected the spray. I was amazed. If you don't have spray rails you should think abou them. They truly do keep your boat dry.

    I also crashed through a fair bit of ice during our fall cold snap. Almost got stuck on the flats but the HB did a remarkable job of cutting through the ice and getting me home. Even cleared a path for a jetboat that was destined for another fate...

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    Well how about some pictures of your handy work.

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    Default yes, pictures, more data, please

    yes, pictures please. I was close to going and buying a 1x4 ash and ripping it in half to put on my Scott Albany, bu I'm thinking I like your solution better. What total length did you choose, how far down from the gunnels, and how far from the bow did you start?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Default spray rails for HB Freighter

    Sorry, this is the only picture I can find after I put the rails on this fall.
    I will take some more and post later.
    The specs for attachment I got from pat at scott canoe:

    Splash rails are 13' long x 2" wide (they stick 2 inches out from the canoe) x 1" thick, we use white ash you can use whatever hardwood you want. I have attached a picture of a Hudson Bay and the gentleman that owns this freighter used a plastic fiber material he bought at Home Depot.

    The splash rails take 14 bolts per side at 12" apart and put 2 bolts at the bow end 2" a part the splash rail is located 6" below the gunnels and starts 55" back from the bow.
    The bolts we use are 2 1/2" stainless carriage bolts 1/4" stainless flat washer and 1/4" stainless self locking nut
    Measure when you drill holes in the wood. You put silicone to seal out any moisture.

    Since I used solid pvc trim that came in 10 foot lengths I joined two peices with a 6" half lap and put a bolt right through them. I also counter sunk the bolt heads and inserted a washer first to ensure that the bolt did not pull throuth the pvc.

    Also note-my rig has vinyl trim so I did not care about having wooden spray rails.

    Hope this helps.

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    Thank you for the specs.

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