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Thread: .329 - .330 8x56R bullets for reloading

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    Default .329 - .330 8x56R bullets for reloading

    Anyone interested in going in on an order for 100ea 150 grain and 100ea 205 grain.

    We would both get 50 of each for $36.00 and 1/2 shipping

    or anyone got any to get rid of?

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    A less expensive alternative would be to have CH4D make you a set of bullet swage dies to reduce the diameter of .338 bullets to the size you need rather than having to special order an odd sized projectile.
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    Not cheaper by any means, but Hawk Bullets stocks them in 200 grain @ $43.50/fifty. I haven't tried that diameter, but other Hawks I've used are outstanding on game. Basically the old original Barnes, and that's a good thing.


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