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Thread: Affordable big eye binos

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    Default Affordable big eye binos

    My next optics purchase will be some 15x binos, sure wish Zen Ray made a pair of 15x 58 ED2 binos. Looks like the most affordable that will acually perform will be the Minox brand.
    I'll be using these for long range scouting desert mule deer so they gotta be good, at long range. I have a pair of 10x43 Zen Ray ED they are excellent but don't get me the extra half mile I need. Any suggestions other than the Minox at about 1k ---everything else seems to jump up to 2k.

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    Check out the Steiner 20 by 80 or 25 by 80 Astronomical binoculars. I bought a used set from Eb@y for only a few hundred dollars. Fantastic big-eyes. 25 power is no longer made but they still make a 20 by 80 Senator series.
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