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Thread: leupold gonna cover this?

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    Default leupold gonna cover this?

    Well I pulled my 6.5-20 vx III off my ruger 25-06 lastnight and found the tube is bent......ugh! So Icalled the boys down at louy and told em what the deal is...$86.00 that is what it will cost me. Hmm? it shows next to no ring marks and is otherwise new and not abused.

    So I guess my question is has anyone else ever had to pay for a tweaked tube? I hear guys say you can run em' over with a dozer and loupold will fix it free.....or for 86 bux.

    I have had warranty work done via loupold in the past, broken reticles, foggy scopes and they fixed it fast and free, but in my opinion there is no excuse for charging a guy for a weak tube. the last scope, a nikon monarch, took the same mounts like a champ, I just mounted a burris on it and when I saw the loupold I pulled the burris to check it....fine.....hmmm?

    If they cover this one I will be pretty happy, if not I understand, BUT, I would expect them to include some disclaimers in the warranty literature.

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    They will more than likely do a quick once over on the scope and see if it was caused by workmanship. If it was they will more than likely replace it free. If they can determine that it was caused by misuse $86 is cheap for a new $600.00 scope.

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    Send it down to them with a letter,stating that you feel it was mounted correctly. If you own others, leupold scopes,tell them that also it may make a diffrence. It could be a defect in the tube, it's hard for them to tell over the phone. I've had a company, lacrosse boots, replace a product, with a defect after the warr. had expired. Worth a shot. They might want you back as a repeat customer. Bill
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    I have plenty of their products.....he he. but I was under the impression that they were to have a bulletproof warranty, like leica, my leica rep said if you bring me all the pieces I will give you a new pair of binos....never needed it so I can't say he'd a come through, but it sounded good.

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    They will fix it or replace it, unless you did the damage delberately. If you haven't sent the scope into the repair dept, do it tomorrow. You will have your scope back in a couple of weeks, most likely.


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