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Thread: Final step bullet and powder???

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    Default Final step bullet and powder???

    Well Ive come a long way for a newbie at reloading and am hung up on the last stage. I have cast my bullets (and lubed), cleaned, sized and primed the brass but just cant grasp how to get those bullets in the cartridge. I have a Lee turret press and am loading 44 mag. The dies I purchased are the dual purpose 44m/44s carbides. I am willing to have a go at it but would prefer some tutelage from someone who knows what they are doing. The lee instructions that came with the press are less than desirable.
    Would anyone be willing to either come over and walk me through it or have me visit you for the same purpose? I live in Palmer, I will be working for the next 7 days so next weekend or a weeknight after wednesday would be good for me. Thanks

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    Make sure you Open the case mouth just a small amount with the expander die for the bullet to go in smooth...........I also like the Lee Factory Crimp Die to apply a crimp.

    Any questions just ask

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    Ak Bushman,

    I know this is a little late but maybe it will still help.

    Sizing-Pretty straight forward operation. Adjust die into the press with the ram up and just below touching the die. Do not contact the die if using a carbide sizer, it could break loose the carbide ring which is epoxied in. Adjust the decapper down to insure old primer is punched out.

    Priming-Seat them with enough pressure to bottom the primer out in the pocket. Should be slightly below flush in the pocket.

    Expanding- The straight case expander is a two step rod of precise dimensions. Screw down a little at a time until the second step bells the case slightly. The correctly expanded case will allow you to set a bullet in the case with the fingers, slightly jammed in and the bullet will sit in the case about a 1/16". I load all my bullets in the case (after the powder), while the cases sit in a loading block.

    Seating-Adjust seating die until there is no crimp at all, then screw down the seating stem until the bullet is seated to the correct depth.

    Crimping-Use a separate crimp die or readjust the seater die for no contact with the seating stem, then screw the die body down to obtain the correct amount of crimp.

    If you have questions, fire away.
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