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    Last Sunday (10/31) I returned from a 10 day trip to Adak. I got about five miles south of the road system four times during the ten days. Saw hundreds of caribou, but only one nice bull. I had remarkably good weather for glassing. during the four trips south of town I ran into only one other group of two hunters. There were a few guys hunting right out of town though. Everyone was seeing the same type of animals, cows, calves, and young bulls. The guys hunting around town were meat hunting, and were really stacking them up.
    I had a friend who went out to Adak in September and hiked to the south end of the Island to see if that's where the big bulls were hanging out. He made it clear down to the Yakak peninsula. He had the same experience, no big bulls.
    I can't imagine that all the big bulls have been "shot out". I did see one cow that another hunter had shot and it didn't appear to have nearly the layer of fat I've seen in the past. Maybe the big bulls aren't making it through the winter, but Adak has such mild winters I kind of find that idea hard to believe?? Adak is still a good meat hunt though, just don't expect a trophy bull.

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    Keep in mind that a guide/outfitter spent one or two falls out there about 4 years ago with a boat on the south end, and cleaned the big bulls out. Rather than take one big bull and a couple of small ones, his clients took all the big bulls they could get a shot at.

    He might have completely changed the genetics of the herd.

    Even though the winters are mild the food might be a limiting factor to antler growth. Most of the bulls I saw as a kid had main beams that were nice and thick, but only a few points. Of course there were still a few huge bulls around, but they were always found way to the south.

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    You still guiding out there Wags? We hiked our butts off and managed to find this guy in the picture below, but other than him we saw the same...cows, calves & young bulls. Still a cool place to hunt though.
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    CGS25, I've taken one guy in the last two years, I don't have plans to take anyone else in the foreseeable future. It is a awesome place though, anyone going there should look at it as an adventure/hunt. I certainly can't promote it as a trophy hunt anymore.


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