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Thread: Took the plunge (OUCH!)

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    Talking Took the plunge (OUCH!)

    Well I took the plunge today.........................I outfitted myself for hopefully a good year and years to come of ice fishing. After reading reviews and many trips looking at the store this is what I ended up with.
    1. Eskimo Z51 10" Shark ice auger.
    2. Eskimo quick set up ice hut.
    3. Showdown digital fish finder.
    4. Heater and many other accesories.

    Best part is my wife didn't care. Now I just have to add hard water which I may do this sunday.

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    Nice! Welcome to the addiction, I'm hoping to explore and do more myself this year.

    Fish On!
    You know your not catching any fish when you start talking about the weather...

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    We've got a pretty good book in our store on Alaska ice fishing, if you need something like that. It's by Gunnar Pedersen, author of "The Highway Angler". HERE'S THE LINK.

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    It's a good pain.... yes, welcome to the craziness.

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    Welcome to the club. I have had the hard water addiction since I was 5 years old or so.
    some of my coworkers are amazed on how much I spend on icefishing. I think they would be amazed on how much fun it is.
    They used to tell me I needed a girlfriend. Now I have one and she likes to icefish too.

    BTW I am a Vexilar guy myself but to each his own.
    "The closer I get to nature the farther I am from idiots"

    "Fishing and Hunting are only an addiction if you're trying to quit"

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    Welcome, now come on and admit it.... you set up your shanty in your living room and dragged eveything inside it didn't you....

    Wait, that was me. (I stopped short of drilling a hole in the floor however)
    "If your not the lead dog.... the view never changes"

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    Default Haha:)

    Actually I set it up in my garage. Took a minute to figure it out but it went up fast. I loaded my Otter sled to see how it would all fit. I wil be trying it out next week at either Quartz or Harding. I know someone who is going to Harding Monday and I will get a report from him.


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