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Thread: Kodiak Deer Hunt 14 days and counting

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    Default Kodiak Deer Hunt 14 days and counting

    Heading out over the Thanksgiving Week. Lots of fun finding excuses to upgrade the old gear. Last hunt on the Island was in 97. This time we are going to Akhiok and going out from there. Anyone out there have recent findings? any suggestions regarding observations past or present. I admit the old posting and searches are nice, however current thoughts are always of interest to all. Thought I would kick this off for those that use the Island as our " Nelchina substitute"
    I was planning on getting high off the beaches and working slowly along the sides paying attention to the numerous draws. Thought about calling but never did that with deer up here. Hope this draws the local Kodiak Oracles out. You hunters that do it every year are a wealth of knowledge. Thanks. Pictures to follow after November 29th.. Good luck to all

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    Don't know were akhiok is but we just returned from the south end of the island and had a blast.Got 14 bucks between us all,my nephew who is only twelve got the big buck award,and earned himself the prize,a brand new havlon knife.I bet he still has a grin from ear to ear.all the bucks we got were way high and not chaseing does yet,but there necks are swole up good.The rut should be real soon.The last days of the trip it snowed pretty good, by thanksgiving they should be grouped up and a bit lower.As soon as I get the pics loaded up I will write a hunt report,we finished it up with a three day hunt on the road system and my partner scored a white faced grizz!Good luck and hope you have a good hunt,and watch out for all those unhunted grizz they are sure bold!

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    I saw about a dozen today while chasing a bear today. They were all up near the treeline still. Saw 2 big bodied bucks, a 4x and a forked horn. Didn't have the bow (go figure!!!), but coulda py-owed them with the rifle if it was legal....

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    The rut is not far off, seen a couple yearings that had been run off their mothers. Most of the sign we saw was still up high.

    Have fun

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    Steve, not fair you got to go back to Kodiak!!! Looks like a great time no doubt. Glad to hear the 325 is still shooting straight after it literally anchored itself in the ground up to the barrel to save your life. Maybe you should treat that rifle to a nice duracoat job or something to show it how much you appreciate it saving you.

    Jeffster sent ya a PM.

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    I got the PM Lanche, thanks for looking out :O) I can't wait and watching this snow makes it even harder. There is just something special about that Island.
    Stid2677, I have to give you credit, you always come up with great pictures. I had thought when I booked last year that I would be close to middle of rut or perhaps at tail end. Looks like I might be hitting it spot on. Well back to Google Earth and planning next years hunting trips.


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