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Thread: Weatherby vanguard varmint rifles

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    Default Weatherby vanguard varmint rifles

    Any have one? I'm looking for opinions on the stock for the HB-ST and varmint models. I like the bbl contour on the vanguard over the Howa but not sure if either model has a decent stock or if they are the hollow sounding plastic. Is the varmint worth a few bucks more or is it just pretty?

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    I have a weatherby vanguard varmit with a plastic stock in 223. It's been a good rifle for the price

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    Went to sportsmans to compare stocks. They had a Sub-moa TR heavy barrel, I think it's a B&C stock. Not impressed with the stock but because of some fitment issues got it for $570 so couldn't pass it up. Target it missing and stock is incorrectly bedded (tighten front screw and action tilts) but some TLC and we should be good.


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