Ok for those who are interested or concerned with the management of the 40 mile herd, the first round of meetings for the 2012 herd management changes are scheduled for Nov. 17, 18th at the alpine lodge in fairbanks. They will start at 8:30 am, and there will be an evening meeting on the first day for those who cannot get out of work. These meetings are to determine the direction of herd management in the future i.e. manage for growth, or hunt opportunity, or whatever. Future meetings will be to determine the actual rules once a direction is decided. For anyone who hunts this herd or is interested, I just got off the phone with the Tok biologist Jeff Gross. He specifically asked for as many members of the public to come and testify or take part as can. This upcoming meeting will be very important, public testimony is allowed, and I was told there will be attendance from AC's in the Anchorage area who believe things like 24 hour shooting frenzy openers are a perfectly fine way to manage this herd.

SO I will be attending, as I hunt this herd and care a great deal about its future. We have a chance to prevent this herd from taking a Nelchina herd style path. Predator control measures will also be on the table, so come out and listen/testify

New population survey data, calf survival rates birthing rates and other data will be presented at this meeting as well.

the entire herd management direction is on the table here, not just new hunt quotas, so this one is big. It will also cement the new management in for several years.