i wrote this short excerpt from a much longer dissertation about avoiding bears on another board and i was wondering if anyone else has ever noticed this before...have you come to the same conclusion ? what i want to know is, is this your experience too ?

"Listen to surroundings. This takes a lot of time in the woods alone to master, and bears have to be around to learn it. But animals and birds will communicate to you when a bear is present. Squirrels do it by chattering to each other. As a bear comes down a trail a distant squirrel will chatter that he is coming, then be quiet as the bear passes by him, as a warning...the next squirrel further down the trail in the direction the bear is travelling will chatter and then be quiet as the bear passes by him...so forth and so on. Its clearly telegraphed. After the bear passes the first squirrel with give an all clear chatter and then each in succession. You can determine which direction the bear is travelling and his approximate location once you understand what you are hearing. The first time I noticed this many years ago I wasn’t sure if what I thought happened actually did...but the spring bears that year were coming off the mountain behind my cabin about 3 or 4 a day and I had the chance to witness it again and again and now I know it. Once again, chatter (warning), quiet (bear is there), chatter (all clear)...after a moment or two closer or more distant chatter, quiet, chatter...a moment or two after that even closer or more distant chatter, quiet, chatter...on the third squirrel you know its a bear. Also...when a bear passes through and is close all birds and animals in the immediate vicinity make no noise. If the birds stop chirping and its very quiet all of a sudden the bear is near you. Once it passes through your immediate area the woods become alive again."