I recently purchased a new Mark 4 M3 3.5X10X40 Model #51850 and upon inital inspection could only obtain 56 MOA (Clicks) of Elevation verses the advertised 65 MOA. I Called Leupold and after describing the situation they asked that I send it in for evaulation because according to them it should have 65 MOA. To make a long story short I called today and they said the scope is fine and it was on its way back to me. I asked about the 56 MOA obtained Verses the 65 MOA specified. and the techinican said that 56 MOA was the correct MOA for the M3 BDC turrets? I am courious if anyone else with a #51850 has a similar Click count and thus confirm the missing 9 clicks.? I love the scope but now I am not sure if it is fine/fixed or a failure? Thanks in Advance