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Thread: I can't believe I bought another shanty!

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    Default I can't believe I bought another shanty!

    Well that makes 4. I know better than to just go for a walk in Sportsmans Warehouse to see whats new but I did anyway. Picked up that new Quick fish 4 for 259.00. I'm 6' 4" so I fell in love with the height of it and its new windows that are supposed to not crack. (time will tell on that). It also has a two layer roof option to help with heating and condensation I'm guessing. Now if it'll just get COLD!
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    I know what you mean about getting out of sportsmans w/o putting a dent in the ol visa. Cool about the new shanty tho, I was gonna build one but as of yet all I've done is talk a mean game

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    LOL, you better make a trip to the flower shop before the wife finds
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    Good one griz, she actually knew about it first this time. In the past I always thought it better to beg for forgiveness than to ask for permission, but this time I slipped and gave her a heads up..... hmmm must be getting soft.

    fullbush, same here on the building your own. I looked up and summer was gone!
    "If your not the lead dog.... the view never changes"


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