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Thread: 20 guage rifled barrel for a Rem 870

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    Default 20 guage rifled barrel for a Rem 870

    I have a Remingtom Model 870 wingmaster 12 guage. I am wondering what I have to change to use it for a 20 guage rifled slug gun. Any info will help, thanks

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    I recommend calling Wild West Guns. They are the Remington repair and service folks up here. They would love to get this question.

    You would have to completely rebuild the receiver to the tune of a couple of grand in labor and milling costs. They would have to add metal back into the receiver to get the 20 gauge parts to fit.

    It would be much cheaper to go into sportsmans (or order from Cabelas) and buy one of the 870 12 gauge 870 barrel/scope combos. You can get 2 3/4 slugs if you are worried about recoil.


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