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Thread: Modifying "custom" 300 Wby

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    Default Modifying "custom" 300 Wby

    I have acquired through inheritance a 300 Wby that is build on an Enfield (according to a seemingly knowledgeable guy on the range) action with an R.W. Lathrop barrel.

    I've got a couple of other boomers and have a real hankering to turn this into a 257 Wby.

    Any recommendations (obviously including the sponsor of the forum) for a smith that might undertake this modification?

    Not particularly interested in being told that I should just go buy a new gun...if it costs too much, I'll just pass, but would like to keep and use this gun, even if in different form.

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    Take your rifle to "the Kid" at wwg's. He has rebarreled several for me. He does great work.


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