I went this morning after cleaning my Savage 116FHSS 300Win Mag and wanted foul my barrel for this hunting season and used a five shot group of and adjusted load using the 208gr A-max, Win Brass, CCI250 Primers and IMR4350, moving at 2749fps. The first round through the barrel is the flyer to the right and the other four are pretty much in a good group after the fouling round. I think after hunting season I have potential to develop this into a long range round. I just love the consistency of my Savage. This is a fine rifle. It will shoot 165gr, 180gr 200gr and now 208gr bullets with very good accuracy. I wish now that I had more loaded up to watch the next two five shot groups really tighten up.

208gr A-Max, Win brass, CCI250 primers, IMR4350 moving at 2749fps average for five rounds.