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Thread: best truck bed freezer ?

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    Default best truck bed freezer ?

    I have seen a lot of the folks heading down to the chitina, bringing small chest freezers In the back of their pick up trucks

    What makes some freezers better than others? Is it just a matter of getting whatever will fit in your truck, or are there other considerations like power requirements, and holding temps ?

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    I've taken a 14 cf GE that has worked great, hauled it down the ALCAN a few times too. But the best for the back of the truck is a 7 cf in my opinion, will easily fit a Chitina load and even a 5 cf will work. You could try and inverter but I've always used a 2K Honda or Yamaha generator for power. I choose both the 7 cf and 5 cf as they were a couple inches shorter than the 14 so I can put fish in them with the topper on my truck. I like to put the freezers on a thin sheet of ply wood so you can slide them to the tail gate to off load (with help when full).

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    I just use the freezer to refreeze water jugs. I run the freezer with a 1k honda. I tried my inverter at the Kasilof and wore down my truck battery too badly.

    Anyway, freeze a double set of water jugs at home before you leave. Put all of Set 1 in your monster cooler and put on top of fish in other coolers as needed. Swap out thawed jugs with solid ones from the freezer.

    This method works great on a three or four day Chitina trip, and you can save the major processing for home.


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