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Thread: Quartz Lake report 31 Oct 2010

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    Default Quartz Lake report 31 Oct 2010

    Went out to the lake to try out the ice. I had been watching a couple other forum members catch too many fish and needed a turn.

    The lake has about 4-5 inches of clear ice where I was fishing. I saw a few other holes and tracks from recent activity. I was fishing just off the boat ramp and did not catch any thing at all. Fished 2 rods about 1 1/2 hours, only saw a few fish and it seemed as soon as they came by I spoooked them and they left, Happy-Halloween?

    Maybe the sudden dip in temps had the fish not as active? Guess you cant catch them all the time...I will be back to have my revenge.
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    Sounds obvious but on clear ice, take a blanket or some other form of cover. The fish seem especially spooked by movement directly overhead. I think we are a few weeks out from icefishing here in southcentral. Can't wait!

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    At least you got a taset of some hard water fishing. I'm chomping at the bit!


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