I feel my life won't be complete until I get a Mod. 71 Winchester in .348 and have that case blown out to a .375 or .416 cal. of some sort. Then I want to get some heavy jacketed bullets made for it by Hawk Bullets. I have never been interested in wildcats, but that blown out .348 case in that Mod. 71 haunts me. It would have a 22" tube and a peep sight. The big and powerful .450 Alaskan/Fuller/Johnson/Watts/Ackley or who ever else claims it never intrigued me like a .375 or .40 cal. has. Maybe Murphy can give me an idea on the velocity I would get from it with a 270 to 300 grain bullet in .375 cal. or 300 to 350 grain bullet in .40 cal. Marlin is about the only one out there now that could make a factory rifle like this but I doubt that the market is there for them. I like my Marlin 45-70 but I would really like to see a heavy hitting, made in America, factory lever gun based on that .348 case. It is a void American gun makers have never filled.