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Thread: Waterfowl Hunting - Anchorage Area / Sea Duck Hunting - Kodiak

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    Default Waterfowl Hunting - Anchorage Area / Sea Duck Hunting - Kodiak

    I live in Oregon, but thankfully get to spend time in Alaska for work occasionally. I'm planning to be in the Anchorage area, as well as in Kodiak for several days during the next couple of weeks (11/5-13), and would like to do some duck and goose hunting.

    Can anyone recommend a buddy or a guide? Anchorage and Kodiak? Thanks.

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    Re-post this under the waterfowling forum and I'm sure you will get several replies. Anchorage is about all frozen up so you'd better concentrate on Kodiak or Homer.

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    Easier if you posted this down on the waterfowl forum.

    In Anchorage things are frozen pretty tight. There are park ducks around but it requires some hard core equipment and experience. There are also some birds hanging out on the mud flats following the tides up and down - need and air plane or an ocean boat and lord knows what else to get to them.

    The geese are gone. There might be a few park geese around Anchorage, but not much longer.

    Kodiak you can go to Old Harbour and get with Kodiak Combos for waterfowl hunting, fishing, and deer hunting.

    Right now the best bet for ducks is Cordova and Juneau, Anchorage is pretty much over.

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    Kodiak Adventures Lodge is a short flight out of Kodiak and specialises in Sea Duck hunting.


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