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    If anyone knows about this area please pm me, my main question is are the moose on public land?

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    Mostly public land. But it's very remote and logistically challenging. It's do-able, but when things go wrong they can go south quickly. Lots of swampy, marshy, land surrounded by thick brush. The weather most years can be tough to deal with. (This was the first year I can remember that there wasn't any bad blows during silver season, which is moose season. If the weather moves in on you, it's easy to end up with a nightmare trying to get the meat out in good shape. And there's always the very real possibility of a bear claiming your kill. Lastly, in an emergency situation, you can't always count on help getting to you in time.

    Not trying to scare you off, just go into it with your eyes open. Most of the moose taken there are by local fishermen who are in the area during the season. They have their boats and some bring airboats to get around and haul moose out. But as prepared as they are, I can't tell you how much machinery I have seen seen smashed up during hunts there. It's not a cheap meat hunt, that's for sure.
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