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Thread: Old Sourdough recipe for: "Gourmet BEAN GLOP"

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    Default Old Sourdough recipe for: "Gourmet BEAN GLOP"

    Old Sourdough recipe for: "Gourmet BEAN GLOP"
    How to make Bean'Glop: brown 1 1/2 cups of chopped garlic, add four (One Pound) cans of "Bush's" Baked beans, add one 19 oz. can of "Nalley's original Chili, add two cups of "La' Costena" pickeled Jalapeno's, and one cup of the juice from the jalapeno jar, cook at simmer (250 to 300 degrees) on wood stove 24/7 till sick of eating Bean'Glop, add water before going to bed, add more contents as there becomes room. If you find a 1/2 can of beer in morning pour it in. Yummy in the tummy for breakfast lunch and dinner, and in-between.

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    You know, you talk about how you can see caribou from your house frequently and have even mentioned shooting them from your yard...and now you have a federal caribou tag. Why isn't there caribou in that glop?


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