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Thread: same snare, two dogs

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    the area im trapping in has coyote and fox sign everywhere.....i plan on snaring mainly off of bait piles...both animals will be hitting them so is there a size i can open my snares too to take both coyote and fox?

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    its not so much as the size of the loop but more of how high it is set off the ground. If it is high enough for a fox it will probably be to low to get a yote at least one of decent size and vice versa if it is high enough for a yote a fox will probably go under it. There are of course the exceptions but it wouldnt be very common.

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    You can sometimes beat the height difference by setting a little low for coyote height (approx. 9" above surface) and using a "chin stick" to get fox to raise their heads into the higher loop. As for size, I would stick with fox-size loops (approx. 7 - 8" dia.) to avoid hip catches (when they jump through larger loops) on fox with coyote size loops (approx. 10" dia.). Just my thoughts and experience.


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