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Thread: Fishing upper Kasilof River

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    Default Fishing upper Kasilof River

    Hello everyone,

    I'm curious about float fishing the upper section of Kasilof River. Anyone here tried it? Want to slip a raft at the upper access point near Tustumena lake and take out at the highway bridge. How many hours will the whole drift take? What to watch out for? Any good fishing spots to note on the way down? No secrets sought, just some pointers. PM if need be. Looking to do it next weekend if possible. Heard the river is wide open, no ice or snow.

    Any silvers still running maybe? Been itching to hook into a steelhead or two! What should I use?

    Sorry for all the questions. I'm excited!

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    It gets pretty rocky when the water is low. At low water on 1 man cats the wife and I took about 10 hours - but we pulled out down below the bridge at the pay takeout (name I forget right now). Be ready to row row row your boat for the first 1.5 miles if she's low.

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    the water will be lower this time of year but here i am going through moosehead rapids in an alpacka denali llama earlier this summer.

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    I have drifted it many times in my drift boat. Not lately though.
    If you are a duck hunter bringing a shotgun can lead to some good cast and blast on the upper river.
    I was at my dads house the other day and looking from where pollard creek dumps in the water looks low but definetly floatable.
    There are some good fishing holes up that way but I will refrain from describing them here.
    You might find some good fishing and if you do let us know. At least you will have a fun drift.
    As for the time it takes I could not say as I always take a bunch of time to stop and fish and never bother to look at my watch. I will say it wouldn't take too long if one did not stop to fish.
    I have never encountered any major things to worry about on any part of the kasilof in a driftboat or raft.
    Except for the Brown bears they have been out and about in the last few weeks so watch fore them.
    Hope this helps.
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    Thanks for all replies. Will see how it goes. And of course, those pesky brown bears. Are they more common in fall along these rivers or what? BTW, if I go back there in summer how is it for sockeye up there? Those Moosehead rapids look like some good flip and drift water!


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