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Thread: Need information on Alaska gardening

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    Default Need information on Alaska gardening

    I live in North Carolina and needless to say we have a long growing season here. I was wondering if someone could fill me in on how tough it is to grow vegetables in the Cordova area? Is it feasible to build a small greenhouse and extend the possibilities? I would like to move to this area and really didn't know how tough it was to grow a garden. Thanks for the help

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    a green house would help you get a leg up on starting stuff..just starting my first garden here, been talking with the tribal office horticulture rep here in our village, he does alot of gardening...has raised chickens and wants some pigs this year, that is what i'm talking about, fresh pork to mix with the moose sausage!

    so, maybe go to the horticulture extension agency here in Ak, or the FFA of Ak and get a list of successful veggies, fruits and even fruit trees from what i hear!....start up your stuff in the green house in early spring, say april, then transplant in late may, june? depending on your frost....then the long days takes over and things grow fast!
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