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Thread: Driving to Haines in february?

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    Default Driving to Haines in february?

    So this might not be the best place for this post but I thought some may be able to help. To make a long story short I would like to travel to Haines, from Homer, to catch the farry. It would be late february maybe early March. The route takes you up to toke and back down through Canada. I have a four wheel drive truck and a set of tire chaines but no studed tires. My question is, is this route even possible this time of year? I was unsure of how well these roads are maintained if at all. If anyone knows anything about this or has done it your information would be greatly apprecaited.


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    The road to Haines is maintained year round, at least as good as the major roads in Alaska. You traverse a fairly high pass and on top you can expect conditions ranging from plowed and snow packed to impassable due to snowing-blowing-drifting with 0/0 visibility during storms. At those times the pass can be closed until conditions improve and the road is cleared. In that case, plan on spending time in Haines Junction until the road opens. On the down hill side into Haines Alaska you can expect conditions to range from snowpacked to sheer ice to rain or dry road depending on weather.

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    ^^X2. You can keep abreast of road contitions Here.

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    Although I haven't driven the leg to Haines, I did drive down through Canada and back up last winter heading through Tok and down the Alaska Highway past Haines Junction. Other than the short daylight, I prefer driving this country in the winter over the summer. Far less traffic to deal with and I think the roads are actually smoother. All the potholes are filled in with ice/snow and you can use the entire road to maneuver around bumps if you want since you are the only one out there. If you drive in the dark, it will actually help you see the frost heaves in the road due to the low angle of the headlights causing shadows in the dips.

    Be prepared for cold and plan for problems. If you end up off the road or disabled in any other way, it may be a while before you see another person. The last drive up, I timed it at over an hour of driving before I saw a single other car, then another hour before the 2nd car of the day. Be self sufficient. Studs are not necessary. Chains are good to have in case you get some bad weather you need to get through. Get gas whenever you can since some of the stations along the way you will see in the Milepost or other listing are going to be closed. There are plenty open, but again, you want to be prepared in case you get stopped somewhere for longer than planned.

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    My parents drove their Buick Regal there the first week of March a couple years ago. No big deal. Just be prepared just as you should driving anywhere in Alaska.
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    I drove this back in Dec 2004. Drove to Haines Junctions and stopped overnight. Left Haines Junction early in the morning with a full load of fuel pulling a u-haul trailer and made it to Haines. It is uphill downhill and just all around beautiful! I had a 4x4 Dodge Ram pulling the trailer, no studded tires, and did have chains that I carried with me in case I needed them. The canadians were on the road sanding and plowing all day long during the normal day light hours and the road was in perfect shape. Just remember your normal winter drining conditions apply and you will not have any problems. Hope this helps.

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    Piece of cake, done it several times without chains and most times not even 4x. If the pass south of Haines Junction is down the gate will be closed. Have yet to see it closed on my trips.
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