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Thread: New Yamaha 150 4-stroke

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    Default New Yamaha 150 4-stroke

    I bought a new 150 Yamaha four stroke for my 24' Alweld this fall and would like to hear from others their experience with this motor. What kinda of fuel consumpution, power, ect., are you getting. I know there are a lot of different things that affect fuel consumpution. I traveled with my brother in law this fall from Galena to the bridge and he had a 22' with a 140 Suzuki four stroke. He was a lot faster and burned about 1/3 less than me. I had a 2004 135 Opti-Max on it. Thanks Doug

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    I bought one in June to upgrade from an F115 on a Raider 22' skiff, 3/16" throughout and much heavier than Alwelds. But the fuel consumption at cruising speeds is same or better than the F115 I had before, only at full throttle it used a bit more fuel but not much. I run a 21 pitch prop on the F150, 19 and 20p was ran on the F115 in the same boat. I'll just say you'll be happy with your repower, get your prop pitch right and you'll have great fuel economy.
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    Made a run with 4 people and gear for the day at 4500 RPM, 22 - 25 MPH, 2 hrs on plane in calm to 2 footers, 6 hrs on plane in 1 to 2 footers, occasional 3 to 4 footers, plus trolled for 8 hrs, burned 79 of my 85 gallons of fuel, this equals 7.9 gal per fish

    I think the #'s posted for my boat on Yamaha's web sight are pretty accurate but one has to remember you probably aren't running in test conditions, so I figure 10 gph at cruise to include 1hr of trolling for each hour of cruise and that will get me to the refueling point.

    If your going to be pushing the max a few cans on board are good insurance.

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