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Thread: GPS/Depth Sounder Combo

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    Default GPS/Depth Sounder Combo

    Whats a good GPS/Depth Sounder combo for a 20-22' boat? I've been looking at some of the Lowrance HDS models...

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    I have a the Lowrance 113HD and like it alot. It keeps bottom even in the sound at speed and the GPS is great. While its not huge the screan is big enough to run both the sounder and GPS together. I've used Lowrance most of the last 6 years on the last 3 boats I've had so I'm use to the features and like them alot.

    The Garmins look pretty nice as well, but I had the standard model Deweys puts on their boats on my last boat and hated it. It wouldn't keep bottom at all and the GPS was terrible. Its was a pretty cheap model so I'm sure that had alot to do with it. I looked at a boat with a Garmin touch screan and it was pretty nice but found out later it was a multi-thousand dollar unit.

    Point is I think you get alot for money with Lowrance, although I've heard their customer service is pretty poor. Luckily I've never had to use it. Generally though, you are going to get what you pay for so don't skimp.


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