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    Just got back from a hunt over there.
    Lots of thin ice over all the ponds. Only the larger ponds had open water in the center. When I flew in I noticed majority of the birds were on the tidal shore by the hundreds. With todays forecast the winds were going to blow out of the Turnagain up to 40 increasing to 75... so I knew those birds werent going to be there long. The pounding surf will drive the birds inland to the open ponds.
    So as I was making my way to the selected pond of carnage I jumped up two from the grasses along the smaller ponds that were frozen over. My retriever busted ice to get them though he wasnt even swimming. After the dekes were set 30 minutes goes by before a big fat greenie comes in and I dump him with two shots. He landed in the open water in the middle of the pond. My retriever had to bust ice to the open water. It still wasnt deep enough for him to swim but the ice was shattering and sliding across the other ice as he lunged out. He looked rather uncomfortable on the way back. So after 2 hrs of hunting I had 3 mallards and a dog that was cold(from the wind) and had bloody forelegs and two busted front toenails. We were done for the day.

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    Cooper and I were over last weekend. Same road you hunted from im assuming as my duck shack is on the one ive seen you driving. Cooper cut the $H!+ out of his feet in the ice and ended up with and infection and the vet told me give him a break so Im done until next year. I only noticed he was hurt after we went out on sunday and he was picking his feet up and limping when he ran. I feel bad. we ended up with 2 mallards (huge) 2 teal and a goose.


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