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    Just wondering what most use- electronic or manual? Also, if you use electronic, which is your favorite, and if manual, which is your favorite and how difficult is it to get good at calling them in manually? Thanks.

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    I have a Foxpro FX3 but prefer to carry my hand calls. I typically will have between 5-7 calls on my lanyard or in my pocket. I just haven't had much luck with my FX3 and seem to do better with hand calls. It depends on the weather (wind and visibility) on which hand call I will use.

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    Same as Adam.
    I'm Pro-Pike.

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    Cool. I was hoping hand calls worked well. What handcalls are good for what conditions? I am new at this and am going to be calling wolf, coyote, and fox.

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    I use both, and have called animals with both, but more with the e-callers. I like the FoxPro CS-24, it's called in more animals in a season than any other so far. For mouthcalls, I like the Sceery AP-6, which does everything from mouse and bird sounds to rabbit distress. A Crit-R-Call standard is another one of my favorites that can make high pitched coyote howls to rabbit distress sounds. Rich Cronk, a member on here and a custom call builder makes some super howlers as well as his "Killer Call", which can do about everything from Coyotes to Rabbits. You can listen to sounds that his calls make on his website too:

    If you are going to hunt in pretty cold weather (-20F) and colder, the metal, closed reed mouth-calls can freeze up pretty quick. I like how they sound, but they are notorious for freezing up. E-callers aren't a magic bullet, there's no substitute for a good setup, being quiet, keeping movement to a minimum, and watching the wind. Also, practice shooting at various ranges sitting on the ground or however you'll be positioned when calling, it'll help.


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