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Thread: Great Rifles I have owned..

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    Default Great Rifles I have owned..

    Some got away for one reason or another, and some are still with me, but here is short list of some of my favorites.

    Remington M600 222 Rem.
    Winchester M54 Carbine, 7.65 Mauser.
    Winchester M70 Carbine, 358 Win.
    Winchester M70 Super Grade, 300 H&H.
    Ruger M77 "Liberty model" 7X57 Mauser.
    BRNO M537, lightweight, 7X64 Brenneke.
    Sako A-V, Battue, 338 Win. Mag.
    Sako A-IV, Safari, 416 Rem. Mag.
    Ithaca M49, single shot, 22 LR.
    Browning Safari, 1964 (FN) 458 Win. Mag.

    I've kept a few over the years.

    Remington M720 Award Rifle, USN, 30-06.
    Winchester M70 Standard Rifle, 1950, 30 Gov't '06.
    Winchester M70 Standard Rifle, 1946, 375 H&H.
    Sako A-II Battue, 308 Win.
    Sako A-III Hunter, 6.5x55 Swede.
    Sako A-IV Safari, 375 H&H.
    Dakota M97 Deluxe, 338-06.
    Dakota M76 Safari, 404 Dakota.
    Mauser, FN Commercial, 1950, 30-06 Spr.
    Mauser, FN Commercial, 1950, 9.3X62 mauser.
    Marlin M1893, 38-55 Ballard.
    Marlin M39 22LR.

    Just a few of my many toys. This is better than getting down to just three, right?
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    Default That's a Helluva "Short List", Murph!

    Regrettably, not in my rack any more...

    Sako Finnwolf .243, most accurate lever rifle I've ever owned, even better than my Belgian BLR's.
    1950 FN .270
    Pre-64 Model 70's, all std grades, .300 H&H, .30-06, .270, and two .30-06 Featherweights.
    Sako actioned Browning Safari .308, but Hagar MIGHT someday see it in his heart to sell it back.
    7x57 Whitworth that I restocked in English walnut.
    Two 1899 Savage straight grip rifles, both .30-30's, one 26" octagon, the other 26" round.
    Three 1899 Savage carbines, two .30-30's and one .303 Savage.
    New in the box Browning/FN Safari .30-06
    New in the box Browning/FN BAR .338 Mag.
    A half dozen or so Browning T-Bolts, grade I and II.
    Several M39 Marlins. Liked the straight grip short barreled jobs the most.
    1936 dated 1903A1 Springfield National Match rifle.
    "My" National Match M14 (odd, the Army thought that they needed it back when I changed units!)
    Remington 1903A4 Snipers rifle
    1899 Krag carbine
    Two Remington 722's, both in .257 Roberts, unbelievable shooters.

    I can't seem to keep and hang onto a 'favorite' handgun. S&W's and Colt revolvers that I can't even count have come and gone.
    At the moment, I'm 'down' to a five screw 'S' frame Highway Patrolman, a .38-44 HD, Model 27, Model 586, Model 15, Model 422, Model 63 Kit Gun, Colt Officer's Model Match, a couple .45's and 9mm's.....

    At the moment, my 'keepers' include:
    An even half dozen Winchester Model 69A's.
    Remington 121 .22 Pump in as-new condition
    Harrington and Richardson 'Leatherneck'
    H&R M1 Garand
    Remington 1100 SB Skeet gun I bought in 1975, sold to a friend and finally got back last year.
    Pre-64 (late 1963) Model 70 std. grade .270 in as new condition
    Husqvarna .270 in European walnut, checkered up about 28 lpi, gorgeous figure and color, and outstanding shooter.
    Stainless/synthetic controlled feed M70 .300 Winchester. Becoming my 'go-to' gun more and more.
    Belgian BLR .243
    Pre-64 M70 Featherweight .243
    Nasty old beat up "Wal-Mart" special push feed M70 in 7mm mag. Unbelievable shooter, just can't stand to be seen in public with it!
    Czech VZ33 actioned, 24" Douglas barreled .257 Roberts in Claro walnut that I built 'for me', but everyone in the family has put blood on it EXCEPT me!

    Some that were ripped off, and I've not been able to find:
    My Granddad's Fulton side by side 12 ga that he bought prior to WWII.
    My first sportered Winchester M1917 Enfield
    My son's first .22's
    The knives that the boys gave me for my Birthday/Christmas/Father's Day, 'Just because days'.
    If I EVER catch the little ******* that broke in and took 'em.......

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    Wink Regrets!

    I've owned many, all types and cal's that I don't miss at all. But there are three that I should have never ,never let go a Winchester mod. 70 in 338 glass bedded the barrel and action myself. A ruger M 77 220 swift glass bedded also. These rifles shot inch, or sub inch groups, with handloads. If a shotgun can be included a remington 1100 12 gauge, that I sold to , upgrade, it was a gift from my wife. Bill.
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