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Thread: seat open 10/27... sorry about the short notice..

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    Cool seat open 10/27... sorry about the short notice..

    i have to make a pick-up in tutka bay at noon.
    i will likely fish from 9:30-11:30 or so.
    leave homer harbor at around 9. if you can make it respond ASAP, 1 person only.
    not a charter, just a fishing trip.
    PM phone number by 8 AM.
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    I'd have jumped on this in a heartbeat if I didn't have a newborn and a wife recovering from a C-section. Then again, if I didn't I'd be at work. I hope someone is able to jump on this. Great opportunity!

    The other 299,300,000 people can have it.

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    I agree with Aksoldier and can attest to spending a day with Homerdave. He's a super guy and as knowledgeable as they come about the bay. Hope someone takes you up on it.

    PS. I'll pick up that 6-pack my next time down south


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