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    Does anyone have any recommendations on electronic predator callers? This will be my first one and will be used primarily for coyotes. I've looked at some reviews online but most if not all are from the lower 48 and well, this ain't the lower 48. Thanks for any info.

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    How serious are you about predator calling would be the first thing to ask yourself? If you do it all the time and want something that will take all Alaska can throw at it, I'd look at the FoxPro CS-24. If you're tight on money and only plan on doing it once in awhile, the FoxPro Spitfire is a nice little caller that will do what you want. I have a bunch of different callers (FoxPro's, Wildlife Tech's, Minaska), and my go-to caller the past season and this season is the FoxPro CS-24. If you want something super loud with a built in decoy, let me know I have a brand new FoxPro Prairie Blaster that I'm looking to sell. It's the best sounding (4 speaker) caller I've heard, but a little big for the type of calling I do.

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    You might want to give AllPredatorCalls a call. I had been tossing this around for a few months and was finally having trouble deciding upon the fury vs new firestorm which is about $180 less. I'd heard that they have great customer service but they went beyond. He spent a ton of time listening to my needs and pointing out the advantages. I hunt in Maine and had heard of cold weather problems. He went over this issue in detail and directed me to a better battery charging solution. I decided on the fury, and then began the 100 sound selection. Another two calls to customer service, two different guys, and got their suggestions and favorites. After I finished the list and had actually submitted my selections I discovered some newly released sounds. I called them up to see if I could make a last minute substitution. No problem, they just threw in the few extra at no cost. Finally, I discovered I'd made one mistake in my web order form and once again a call. No problem, they just threw that sound in too. I don't remember ever receiving customer service like this, especially for the last minute changes due to my haste and lack of planning. They are the best!

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    AllPredatorCalls is a great source for predator calling information, they sell more predator specific calls than anybody that I know of. If you want the best cold weather setup, the CS-24 running Li-Ion battery packs is a winner.

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    Might want to take this question over to "predator". There is a forum over there that discusses nothing but that type of thing.

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    Your not going to get any data anywhere else that snow hasn't covered here and probably over there. He does a lot of testing of these e-call units (Not just FP) and while he might be a lil partial to one brand, he'll give ya good info.

    My take would be to get you an older used FP from ebay or something, like a 416 or 532 for example. They'll work for what you need up here, aint high $$$ and a set of batteries will last you all season up here unless your winters are always below 0.
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    Snowcammoman has it right. Foxpro CS-24 all the way!


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