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Thread: Two thumbs up to Leupold

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    Thumbs up Two thumbs up to Leupold

    I've always been a Burris man, having Burris scopes on all my rifles. I do own a pair of Leupold binoculars that I broke while mountain goat hunting this year. I contacted Leupold and they told me to send them in and that they are guaranteed for life. Being a little skeptical, I mailed them in and sure enough, Leupold mailed me back a brand spanking new pair of binoculars. Just wanted to let others out there know that Leupold stood by their word and their products.

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    Thanks for posting this, I love stuff like that, and really helps making decisions on where to go for stuff. One of the reasons these forums are Valuable.
    (and no I am not affiliated with Leupold, grin, I don't even have anything Leupold right now) that kind of customer service seems so rare these days tho that one story like that sends me Strongly in their direction for my next pair of Binos or Scope.

    I had the same experience with RCBS reloading supplies, several comments on the forums about sending stuff back for quick and full response as in "new item sent to replace defective item" convinced me to send in something that "I had screwed up by my own mistake" and sure enough, they didn't even ask what happened. I told them the whole story anyway, trying to be really honest, fully expecting them to maybe offer to repair inexpensively. They didn't flinch but just sent me a brand new item to replace the one I ruined, they didn't charge shipping or anything.
    So COOL to have something like that happen these days.
    Thanks AGAIN, for posting
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    It's always good to see customer service like that still exists. I had a similar experience with Henry firearms, and have since bought two more just because of their customer service. The only Leupold product I own is actually one of the new Redfield scopes made by them, but I am very happy with it.

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    Smith and Wesson is another good one. Sent my 329PD in a month or so back and they replaced half the gun. They even replaced the front site I had broken myself for no charge. No shipping or anything. I thought that was pretty cool of them. 2 week turn around which I thought was pretty fast.
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